Up and then down again

Up and then down again

The path to enlightenment first goes up and then down again.
The upgoing energy is all about manifesting yourself fully here on earth.
Manifesting yourself from the earth energy in every chakra.
It starts with the first chakra. How safe do you feel on earth? Do you feel safe as a woman (if you are in a woman’s body)? Do you feel safe enough to be yourself, without adjusting yourself to others?
And how safe do you feel for instance when your job is on the line? Does your whole life fall to pieces or do you have the conviction that everything will be alright?
The second chakra is about your sexuality.

Here in the West we are so programmed about our sexuality. Sex, according to the current values, is supposed to be experienced in certain ways.
Do you allow yourself to be a sexual being? Can you fully manifest yourself sexually? Or are you too caught up in ideas about sex of what is normal and what is not done?
Being yourself in the third chakra is all about your emotions. Do you have any and if you do is it ok for you to feel them? Is it ok for you to be mad, sad, happy, furious, jealous, spontaneous or ecstatic? Or do you usually surpress your aggression or sadness? And not just in your mind, but do you allow yourself to manifest these emotions in the now moment?
Can you feel love for yourself? Do you love your body? These are the issues in the forth chakra on earth. Do you love yourself even if you lust your neighbour and even if you feel aggression or disappointment? Do you love yourself even if your parents don’t? Do you love yourself if you don’t like someone and do you love yourself if you have not lived up to the expectation that your partner had of you?
Manifesting all these thing has everything to do with your fifth chakra.
Can you say what’s on your mind? May you cry, scream and laugh out loud? Do you allow yourself to moan with pleasure or to yell with pain? Do you allow yourself to go with your gut feeling or do you have to live from your mind? (the throatchakra plays a big role in that)
Following your intuition that is what you do with your sixth chakra. Do you trust your inner wisdom? And if you trust it, do you dare to live according to it?
Eventually there is the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, the door to the Universal Energy, to the Universal Spirit.
When that door opens, the energy comes back down.

Now it is all about manifesting the Universal Energy here on earth.
If you  allow yourself to manifest the Universal energy through the sixth chakra, you can start to see what the World really looks like. You experience yourself as so much more that just a body and your personality.
What you say comes straight from your Heart. You say the words that have to be spoken, without all the blabla. No more lies or excuses come from your mouth.
The love you feel is a Universal Love, selfless, without selfgain. You feel compassion for yourself and others. You feel love for the earth and all its inhabitants.
You are ok with feeling your emotions, but you are not lost in them. You observe everything you feel and you let go what needs to be let go.
You experience your sexuality as heavenly. In sex you completely lose yourself, while at the same time you are totally connected to yourself and the other. You are thoughtless, love, connection, surrender.
You feel safe on earth to be a channel of the Universal Energy and Love.

The way to enlightenment is up and then down.
First you will have to fully manifest yourself here on earth, the whole package.
Only then you will be able to manifest the Universal Energy here on earth, from self love and self acceptance be your Divine Self.

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