My first blog

28 february 2012:

Here we go again.. I’m lost, I just don’t  know anything anymore .
The rug was swept from underneath my feet, vanished into thin air.
What stayed is emptiness and nothing to hold unto.
This time I can hold this feeling with love, but I remember the first time this happened, about three and a half years ago. A couple of months before I started my lessons Universal Awareness. Totally in panic I called my spiritual teacher. Sobbing I told him that I just didn’t know anything anymore, that I didn’t know how to move on, that I didn’t know which of my memories were still true, that I didn’t know what I wanted anymore, let alone what I was supposed to do.
All that time my teacher was listening quietly.

When I was done raging, he said very peacefully: “How nice, I am so happy for you!”

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